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  •  Right (none)
    The democratic party abandoned the South by embracing the Civil Rights movement in the 60s.  Ever since Democrats have stood up for the rights of minorities, the South has become more and more republican.

    Guess what?  I'm glad we abandoned the south.  Civil Rights were the right thing to do then, and they still are.  

    If it makes me ignorant to harbor a dislike for regions where bigotry and hate are tolerated, then I'm an ignoramus.

    "She'll come back as fire, to burn all the liars, and leave a blanket of ash on the ground" --Kurt Cobain, Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

    by Subterranean on Fri Feb 13, 2004 at 11:50:28 PM PST

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    •  They are? (none)
      Really eh?

      Apologies first of all to New Yorkers and Californians, you are great people. But here goes.

      In NYC three cops shot a black man returning to his apartment groceries in hand 41 times. Requiring at least one reload. The man was entering his apartment door and totally unarmed. NYC backed the police.

      In California an open racist ran the PD for decades and turned it into a paramilitary force known the world over as one of the most racist police forces in existance. Rodney King was just the final nail in his coffin and even then "open minded californians" let the police off with a slap on the wrist. The racism had become so intense that South Central LA was nearly burned to the ground. And the response of the "enlightened' california police was... to let them. I wonder if that would have happened in a mostly white neighborhood.

      In NY a slave burial ground was discovered and called a treasure by archeologists. The response of New York was to offer to put up a plaque after they bulldozed the place for new buildings. Only after INTENSE pressure was the plan modified.

      By the way, look up what two cities had the largest pre-abolition slave populations. Hint: one is mentioned in this post and it isnt southern.

      In tennessee two racists drug a black man behind their pickup truck and killed him. The jury in this "racist southern state" returned a conviction and put them behind bars.

      Northern revisionist history approaches the absurd at times.

      And the South abandoned the Democratic party when the democratic party abandoned the working class. A lot of those people marching with King happened to be southerners whether you like to believe that or not.

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