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View Diary: GOP Crime Wave Only Scratches Surface (13 comments)

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  •  Here's my favorite: (none)
    In ordinary crimes, the proceeds are seized by the state. But in crimes like these, the proceeds are the state.

    It's like those crazy, computer-generated pictures where if you unfocus your eyes just so, you can see the picture that's hidden inside.

    See it the way it appears on the surface, and it just looks like bad government. Change your perspective, and it looks like racketeering in wingtips.

    •  This First Hit Me With Florida 2000 (none)
      There have been all sorts of laws to do with punishing people for trying to steal votes. But when we were faced with people trying to steal a whole election, there was no law with comensurate scope or penalities.  

      Steal the election, and everything else comes with it as gravy.

      All Bush has done is turn that crisis response into his permament modus operandi for governing.

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