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View Diary: Plame Did NOT Work for WINPAC: Scooter Gave Judy Bad Info?!?! (49 comments)

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  •  but (none)
    all they've admitted to so far is that Miller has another source.  And someone clearly mishandled classified information.  How would Scooter even know Plame's name?  So, follow it through (thinking out loud here...not sure if it's going anywhere).  Scooter tells Miller that Wilson's wife works for WIPAC.  (Scooter may or may not have told her the name "Plame")  Judy follows with someone...who? confirm this.
    •  Read the Guardian article that I linked (none)
      in my comment above.  One possiblility is "dinner party conversation".  Here in DC there are lots of open secrets.  The difference in this case is that one of the secrets was peddled to the press.  Another interesting angle here is that it is quite possible that the reporters like Novak who chose to print the stories at the time assumed that if the information came from the White House it would have been safe to report even if she was considered "covert".  That is probably at the heart of Novak's defense although I have to say that I am speculating wildly at this point and extrapolating with few facts about Novak's real position.  

      I think this story about Plame's job has the smell of spin.  The GOP has attempted many times throughout this saga to say that Plame was not what she was at the CIA.  It is odd that today on the eve of the Grand Jury wrap up, we would find out that she had a different job.  I think we need to wait and see if Wilson or Larry C. Johnson respond to this claim.  

      We will see what comes of it in the end - I hope.

      •  That's how I feel - for two years (4.00)
        all these assertions that Plame wasn't undercover, and now three CIA sources say she really worked in the covert division.  

        Total BS.  Either Libby's group is working their spin, or Judy deliberately testified in a way that left Libby an out.  

        Given Judy's demonstrable dishonesty, I wouldn't put it past her.  

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