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View Diary: Ari Fleischer Is The One Who Has Flipped (Here's Why) Isikoff UPDATE (279 comments)

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  •  It is not Ari (none)
    Nobody in Bush's inner circle will flip. Ever. They all know they can count on Bush to pardon them.

    If anybody flips it will be someone who is not in Bush/Cheney inner circle. Maybe somebody at the CIA or the State Department.

    •  What the hell is all this about pardoning? (none)
      Some of you guys actually think Bush will pardon people if they are indicted. He won't, I don't know how clear that can be. H.W. Bush only pardoned people from the Reagan administration. Ford and Reagan only pardoned people from the Nixon administration that were involved with Watergate and all other bad stuff that they did. No president will ever pardon a former member of their own administration, especially if its a scandal they were involved with somehow. It has never happened and it never will. Think about it.
      •  Normally... (none)
        ...I'd agree with you, but THIS president is so utterly dismissive of rules (written or otherwise) and any notion of what does and doesn't look right to the public, that I believe he might actually do it.  I think it would depend on the crime involved--a "minor" perjury charge, and he'd do it.  Something much worse, like leaking Plame's ID, even he wouldn't.

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