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View Diary: Dick Cheney in Fitzgerald's crosshairs (307 comments)

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  •  This has been around all day (none)
    There have been lots of comments on it...this is just a newer version of an older article....

    I did not receive $ from Ketchum, U.S. Department of Ed or HHS to write this---though I wish I had.

    by Volvo Liberal on Mon Oct 17, 2005 at 10:38:33 PM PDT

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    •  well, can you point me to where it's discussed? (none)
      Because I am indeed curious as to how it affects the whole picture. I apologize that I didn't know it was around all day, I haven't had time to read everything just yet.

      I probably won't frankly. I know you are supposed to look around to make sure to not duplicate diaries, but I didn't know the same was required for a comment asking a question on a topic related to the current one being discussed.

      Thank you...

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