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View Diary: Dick Cheney in Fitzgerald's crosshairs (307 comments)

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  •  Agree-- Except (none)
    I agree its Condi but Rice will not be nominee for 08.  They took care of that this weekend on all the talk shows she insisted she is not interested in "elected office".  Check out transcripts for FOX news sunday and Meet the Press.

    They need to show some continuity, or it will look like they fell apart...By appointing Rice, they can at least try to project an intact team image.  

    BUT NO WAY will the R's accept a black woman as top of the ticket in 08...thus the need to make clear she is not interested as they did this weekend on the talk shows...So they still get to see how things shake out, and ditch her if the R's are still in terrible shape in -07.  

    •  Rice (none)
      I agree its Condi but Rice will not be nominee for 08...

      I tend to agree, but not because of her race or gender (Dobson's all too happy to support Harriet Miers, after all, and other than the religious right, I think there's a tad of stereotyping going on here when people say that all GOPers are bigots), but because she's not fundamentally a religious right candidate ideologically.  She's more akin to the conservative intellectuals opposing Miers.

      Were Cheney to resign, however, I think she'd be the most likely replacement, for the reasons I described earlier.  Bear in mind that a Cheney resignation is not necessarily imminent, and I don't know whether it would be a net plus or minus for the Democrats.

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