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  •  That Could Be Read That Way (4.00)
    The language I used there was to state that the EFFECT of what the "anonymous sources" did was to expose Plame, who by all accounts -- certainly the CIA's -- was operating NOC and thus blowing her cover and that it had the end results I spelled out which were destroying the cover built up for Plame over years and her work on WMD research and analysis, exposing a carefully crafted CIA cover business, and very likely exposing contacts she had made in other countries to sanctions from their own security forces which might have included death.

    The defense of the spinmeisters will most likely be that they did not believe Plame was NOC, but that doesn't change the fact that she was.

    A number of sources now are asserting that Fitzgerald appears to be heading toward charges which could involve Cheney as well as Libby and Rove as part of a large conspiracy to attack Wilson and his wife for having the termerity to challenge and question the Administration's rationale for war.  As has been noted by at least one commentator, Libby was known as "Cheney's Cheney" -- a man fiercely loyal to the VP and one who spent literally hours with him every day.  On that basis, it is hard to believe that all of this didn't develop as the result of an irate Vice President who lashed out and now may reap the consequences.  It is mightily to be hoped.

    Free markets would be a great idea, if markets were actually free.

    by dweb8231 on Tue Oct 18, 2005 at 08:32:38 AM PDT

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    •  The article simply answered every GOP (4.00)
      talking point (and lie) and basically came to the correct conclusion that in every instance Rove and Libby were completely in the wrong.

      It is that simple.  

      Furthermore, the point that a news organization has a responsibility that goes along with the right is completely legitimate.  Do reporters who travel with batallions in  armies have the right to report their exact location when they are moving into position to engage in battle?  Yes they do.  Would it be responsible for them to report that information?  Probably not except in very extreme circumstances.  It should not go without say either that news outlets also have a responsibility not to become propaganda outlets for government and expect to keep their reputations in tact with the public.  The Grey Lady has egg all over her face in this thing.  The Washington Post too has a lot to answer for.  There is a reason why they have managing editors and editorial boards - of course there isn't when they are not fully engaged in submissions by "super star" reporters.

      This article is great because it surveys all of the misinformation about the general rules that apply here.  Lots of people don't understand that there are indeed very clear rules about agents identities.  

      When was the last time in history that you recall that an elected official or one of their staffers peddled top secret information relating to national security to the media?  Um never. That is because there are rules that everyone up until now have followed.

      •  Except for one thing (none)
        W's administration is most likely the worst in history.

        i am working on a long piece comparing the scandals and depth o perfidy through US history

        almost nothing compares to the stench pf corruption from top to bottom of this administration

        •  Yes (none)
          I think they were focusing on this specific scandal for the moment. It was prudent for them not to go down the "Worst President Ever" rabbit trail for their purposes of explaining the rules that were broken in this case.

          As much as I think the "Worst President Ever" thing is very important to hammer home, I still think we need to really start focusing on what the "Best President Ever" might look like and sound like.  I think a lot of people are getting the feeling that running away might be a good idea, but I think a lot of people still don't see a place to run to.

          Don't get me wrong, I want these guys to go to jail for a very, very long time and I want a focus on that, but the country must go on and if we are distracted with punishment and not appropriately focused on repairing the dammage done we won't have won a thing in all this.

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