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View Diary: SUSA's latest 50-state Bush poll (217 comments)

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  •  again, again i say to you (4.00)
    poll numbers mean nothing unless the population is informed enough to take action.
    •  precisely (4.00)
      unless and until this is translated into votes for dems, these numbers are meaningless. the electorate detests the democrats too, perhaps even more than the rethugs
      •  EXACTLY! The people hate the system.... (none)
        They don't just hate the Republicans, they hate the democrats, and even the Independents.  Check and tell me with a straight face that the Democrats have so much to gain when their congressional approval ratings are EQUAL to those of the Republicans....
        •  Not so fast... (none)
          The results do not suggest that people hate the Dems the same, or more than, they hate the GOP.

          Questions about Congressional Democratic leadership show high (and increasing) negatives -- but look around this site. Activists within the Dems (and Independents) have gotten more and more people focused on the complicity of Dem Congressional leaders in Bush's disastrous policies.

          At the same time, generic congressional ballots have tipped to Dems.

          In other words, we may indeed want Dems in Congress -- but not all of those particular Dems.

        •  How about actually *reading* (none)

          typical recent Control of Congress polling:

          R 41%, D 46%, Unsure 12%  (likely voters, Democracy Corps, ea Oct)

          The most accurate result, to my reading is, actually by Opinion Dynamics (Fox News's contractor), which is essentially identical to the above once you drop out the ~20% nonvoters:

          R 32% , D 40%, Unsure 10%, mixed/won't vote 18% (registered voters, September)

          Indies/centrists basically don't vote in midterms.  The Unsures are all moderate Republican voters, obviously.  As seen in 1994, it's a pattern in major swing elections the defecting moderates tend to end up not showing up to vote.  We've got them half of the way there.

          So, the 'approval' ratings are beside the point.  In such embittered times, of course only the strong partisans for each side have strong outward support for their side in Congress.

          Renewal, not mere Reform.

          by killjoy on Tue Oct 18, 2005 at 07:44:56 PM PDT

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