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  •  Displaced, disgruntled and leading the trend (none)
    Many of those Katrina evacuees are African American...and Bush only got 2% approval from African Americans across the country.  Time to get off the BushCo bus!
    •  some comments on Texas from a Texan (4.00)
      actually i've been wondering about the Katrina/Rita effect  & i'd like to give you guys some details from the ground.

      the effect of the so MANY evacuees coming here from Katrina was significant i think initially however now that things have calmed a bit, there seems to be another response:

        holy crap!  they might stay!

      what this means long term is unknown but they've had an effect if not directly.

      yes, i do think many of the black Americans who came here would vote against Bush -- hell 2% may be too high an approval for Bush with these people & i know this b/c NO ONE i talked to in this group when i was volunteering had anything good to say about him.

      however, i doubt any of these people were polled or polled in a significant amount to change the vote.  remember many are still getting their lives together & have moved alot.

      HOWEVER, they have had a significant INDIRECT effect by the following:

      1.  You guys won't believe me but here in Texas there is a large group of progressives/Dems & moderates & they became motivated by these people & have stayed motivated.  These moderates & progressives never liked Bush to begin with but weren't as active as before Katrina.  I've been asking for a wake up call & Rita gave it!

      2.  Republicans do not care for Governor Perry who responded poorly to Rita.  Bill White, the mayor of Houston who responded EXCELLENTLY & will test governorship someday, made Perry's inadequate response that much more worse.

      3.  F WHAT YOU HEARD!!!!  Rita was NOT a success.  It destroyed parts of East/Northeast Texas & FEMA & the feds once again DROP the ball.  East/NE Texas are heavily rural (except Beaumont) & heavily red & if they are unhappy, they will let ya know it.  These reds will NOT move to the left.  However, they will stay away from the polls & that can only help us.

      So (apologies for length), we're doing better in Texas b/c of 3 things:

      1.  Progressives/moderates were activated by Rita & Katrina.

      2.  The power base of the GOP in Texas was hit hard by Rita & they hit the GOP back.

      3.  Delay's ethics problem, Bush's Iraq/Deficit/Everything problem, and Perry Hairspray problem is adding up to a dysfunctional Texas GOP.  The Dems haven't stepped up yet but are trying to.  

      Some examples:

      Nick Lampson vs. Tom Delay.

      Chri Bell for governor!

      •  The offended-by-corruption threshold in Texas (none)
        is high, but it does exist.  Politicians enjoy more slack here than in, say, Minnesota.  They can often slip their hands into the cookie jar and get away with it -- but not if they leave it completely empty.  That may be why Dubya's poll results here seemed to defy gravity, then come down with a crash.

        We're all pretty crazy some way or other; some of us just hide it better.

        by david78209 on Tue Oct 18, 2005 at 04:13:28 PM PDT

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        •  I bet Delay's indictments are part of it (none)
          I can't believe Bush's fall is all because of Rita.  I think the indictment of Tom Delay, which highlights the culture of corruption eminating from the Republican party (and particularly the TX Republicans) is finally starting to disgust Texans.
          •  I am not from texas, but... (none)
            I am reading that people were really not that happy with th eforced congressional redistricting and that Delay's problems have only highlighted the distortion democracy that that was.

            Is this really having an effect in Texas. The perception of corruption and lack of fairness?

            •  yes (none)
              i do believe Tom Delay underestimated how upset many people would be to the redistricting.

              they always are but usually forget about it when they get busy with life however a couple things happened:

              1.  Delay's redistricting really was extreme & was an obvious power grab - something that just doesn't sit well with most people here who are largely apolitical.

              2.  They went back to their lives & found trouble:  Iraq, economy, health insurance, etc...& redistricting (change) was just another thing they added to the list of complaints.

              3.  Delay's indictment & the Fed's & Texas GOP's response to Katrina/Rita only sealed the deal & boom the floor went out under 'em.

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