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  •  hate to bend yours too but (none)
    Majorities have preferred a Democratic congress many times, and it hasn't happened.  Gerrymandering and incumbency mean that Democratic approval must be at least 10-15 points higher than Republican to win back Congress.  Last time I checked it was less than 5 points.

    That might change if actual convictions come out of these charges.  But even then, we'd need more substantive changes to hold the majority.

    •  We will win both the House and the Senate (none)
      next year. It is interesting to listen to how people think the repugs can survive this. History says it is over. The repubs have managed to piss off everyone including thier own base. The tipping point has arrived. We are also living through a historical moment when the indictments arrive. We cannot see the forest for the trees but the truth is that the 20% in the middle is finally seeing Bushco for what it is. A political mafia interested only in their benefit.

      If you like incompetence, corruption and cronyism vote Republican

      by Jlukes on Tue Oct 18, 2005 at 09:14:53 PM PDT

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