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View Diary: SUSA's latest 50-state Bush poll (217 comments)

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  •  I bet Delay's indictments are part of it (none)
    I can't believe Bush's fall is all because of Rita.  I think the indictment of Tom Delay, which highlights the culture of corruption eminating from the Republican party (and particularly the TX Republicans) is finally starting to disgust Texans.
    •  I am not from texas, but... (none)
      I am reading that people were really not that happy with th eforced congressional redistricting and that Delay's problems have only highlighted the distortion democracy that that was.

      Is this really having an effect in Texas. The perception of corruption and lack of fairness?

      •  yes (none)
        i do believe Tom Delay underestimated how upset many people would be to the redistricting.

        they always are but usually forget about it when they get busy with life however a couple things happened:

        1.  Delay's redistricting really was extreme & was an obvious power grab - something that just doesn't sit well with most people here who are largely apolitical.

        2.  They went back to their lives & found trouble:  Iraq, economy, health insurance, etc...& redistricting (change) was just another thing they added to the list of complaints.

        3.  Delay's indictment & the Fed's & Texas GOP's response to Katrina/Rita only sealed the deal & boom the floor went out under 'em.

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