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  •  I can't be in the minority, can I? (none)
    Words can't adequately express just how strongly opposed I am to wind farms.  I understand that something's gotta change with regard to our energy situation, but MY GOD can we please think of something else besides ruining that wholly unique, spiritually rejuvenating experience of going to some completely untouched, pristine, unpeopled natural environ -- away from government, away from commerce, away from advertising, and utility, and cars, and billboards, and TV, and broadcast towers, and power lines, and buildings, and concrete, and glass, and metal, and endless noise, and.........away from all of it -- away from the entire ugly, claustrophobic, soul-crushing jumble of human-made things that humanity has surrounded itself with?  It's oppressive.  We have to be able to escape it -- entirely.  We have to preserve places where it's just you and the natural world -- the way it originally was.  And it can't just be some far away Arctic refuge that no one ever sees or goes to; we have to be able to make use of it.  And there can't be so few of such places that every time you go to one it's packed with other people (like Yellowstone in summer).

    Am I in the minority in placing enormous (maybe incalculable) value on this experience?  Trying to find a place in this country that can evoke such an experience is almost impossible as it is; how much harder is it going to be with a bunch of new wind farms popping up in every windy, sparsely populated place?  It depresses me to think of the very real possibility that every last square mile of land in the U.S. might someday soon have some mark of humanity spoiling it.

    Don't most of you feel a twinge of disappointment when you're hiking in the woods somewhere and you come across a spot that initially seems completely void of manmade things, but then you notice an old discarded stove, or a sign, or even just a bunch of beer cans?  I can't be the only one on this site that feels this way.  

    I go through the workaday world waiting for that moment when I can break free and return to some completely natural setting and regain my sanity.  The thought of finally finding the free-time and money to do so, of finally being able to disentangle myself from the concerns of everyday life and make the long, arduous trek to the top of a fourteen thousand foot summit in the Rockies, and look out on an unimaginably vast and stunningly beautiful mountain range, only to have the view tainted with those inescapably huge, metallic fans ... the thought of it crushes me.

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