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View Diary: Understanding the Right to Privacy And the Right to Choose (322 comments)

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  •  Liberty Trumps Privacy (none)
    In that certain forms of liberty (rights) are stated, whereas privacy as a right is not explicitly stated.  

    While I am strongly of the view that everything we know should tell us that a right to privacy ought to simply (and without controversy) be assumed and considered beyond question, that is not the issue I'd like to address here.

    That said...

    Just for sake of discussion: If the argument over abortion rights was widely held and understood to be a simple theological/sectarian dispute over when life begins (and therefore when moral significance attaches), then I don't believe the dispute could be resolved by the Court... at least not without running afoul of Justice Kennedy's noted "no-no"  not to "promote a theological or sectarian interest."

    Casting it as a liberty issue -- particularly one of religious liberty/moral conscience -- could well be a more solid foundation, and also be closer to the truth of the matter.

    Beyond the fundamental uncertainty of when life begins and what "life" qua "life" comes to, is it not the case that most who support abortion rights harbor a deep conviction that potential life is not of equal moral significance to actual, existing life?  That the owner of the actual life -- the woman -- ought to be the final decision-maker regarding whether to sacrifice part of it (or risk all of it), and to make such decisions according to her own conscience and not be coerced by the state into adopting and practicing a religion/moral code which is not her own?

    We maintain a deeply-rooted, carefully-considered position of moral conscience, which properly understood is indistinguisable from a deeply-held religious belief. Unless a bad TV show is a requirement.

    Just a thought.

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    by PJBurke on Wed Oct 19, 2005 at 01:43:12 PM PDT

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