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  •  marginalized (4.00)
    Seriously - it is such an off-topic thing at work.  It comes up ONCE on a project.  We have an OB history form where users enter a woman's pregnancies, their outcomes, gestational age, etc etc - and then calculates a bunch of stuff like para, gravitas, etc.  You fill out a list with a bunch of outcome choices and then designate which ones are therapeutic abortions, which are spontaneous abortions, and which are ectopic - which make the whole thing do its calculations behind the scenes.  And it pops up a warning if someone chooses therapeutic abortion after a certain number of weeks (23 sounds like a familiar number, but it's configurable).

    After that - taboo topic.  Never mentioned again.

    •  OB histories (none)

      Does anyone else lie on these forms? I do.

      Why? Margaret Atwood's the Handmaid's Tale terrorized me a long time ago. What in your medical history -- supposedly protected -- would you not want in the hands of a nutcase wacko abortion freak politician?

      I always tell the OB/GYN when I'm in the stirrups about my actual history--but I'd never sign a form with that information on it.

      My attempts at BC failed more than once. It took me two months when I was 27 to find a doctor who would tie my tubes--they all kept acting as if I could not possible make that choice at "such a young age."

      I've always contended that we need to be more up front about what actually goes on in the "procedure." A little science goes a long way when we're trying to deal with medical reality vs emotions.

      I can just never forget the woman who sat next to me that day when I was in my 20s. She quietly wept, sighing heavily. That she did not want to be there was evident in her posture, demeanor, and tears. I reached over after a while and took her hand in mine.

      She squeezed it hard and, without turning to face me, she said, "Oh God!" She shook her head, bowed low, and went on. "I just can't. I can't, God forgive me. I have eight children...all under ten. Eight healthy, wonderful children. If my husband knew I was here, he would kill me." She choked out that last sentence.

      "We're good Catholics. I'm a good Catholic." She almost collapsed. "But I cannot have any more children. Can't. Can't. I just can't," she whispered.

      I could only hold her hand. She couldn't have been any older than 35. She held my hand tightly until she was called, never once looking at me, cursed by a Pope who could never understand her situation.

      Someone upthread talked about an "abortion of convenience" because a mother wanted to buy a house so that her three year old could have a stable homelife. Well, what would you call this woman's choice?

      What are the RIGHT reasons to choose abortion? Which are the WRONG reasons? Any time you judge a woman for making this choice, you call into question her right to make the choice at all.

      •  the OB Hx form (none)
        is actually on the computer.  So you don't have to fill it out on paper and hand it to some scheduler or MA in the waiting room.  You just tell the doc or NP and they enter it into the computer.

        As for that form - there's no reason to lie.  It's "Did you have kids?" "How many?" - questions like that.

        You're probably thinking of the other questions they ask about your history - i.e. how many partners have you had, etc.

        I don't know if people lie?  I lie.  I say I'm a virgin because I've come to find out there there are 4 sizes of cold painful metal thingys they stick up for you for the pap and if you want the Small size, "virgin" is the correct answer to get it.

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