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View Diary: My Response to Moiv's Abortion/Katrina Diary (64 comments)

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  •  the OB Hx form (none)
    is actually on the computer.  So you don't have to fill it out on paper and hand it to some scheduler or MA in the waiting room.  You just tell the doc or NP and they enter it into the computer.

    As for that form - there's no reason to lie.  It's "Did you have kids?" "How many?" - questions like that.

    You're probably thinking of the other questions they ask about your history - i.e. how many partners have you had, etc.

    I don't know if people lie?  I lie.  I say I'm a virgin because I've come to find out there there are 4 sizes of cold painful metal thingys they stick up for you for the pap and if you want the Small size, "virgin" is the correct answer to get it.

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