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  •  Slight changes for singability (4.00)
    Sorry, I can't help but tinker with meter, scan, and those other things that make for a good lyric:

    The Fitzmas Song (with apologies to Mel Torme)

    Rove's nuts roasting on an open fire
    Chimpy nipping at the blow
    useless alibis being sung by the choir
    As folks try on their prison clothes

    Everybody knows frog-marching some deserving crook
    helps to make the season bright.
    Happy Kossacks with their eyes all-aglow
    Will find it hard to sleep tonight.

    They know that Fitzie's on his way
    With a lot of charges and indictments on his sleigh
    And every mother's child is gonna spy
    To see if GOPigs really know how to fly

    And so I'm offering this simple phrase
    To kids from one to ninety-two
    Although it's been said many times, many ways
    Merry Fitzmas
    Merry Fitzmas
    Merry Fitzmas to you

    •  Good upgrade/tweak... (4.00)
      ...I'm absolutely without talent in this area.  But I do have one small suggestion.  Wouldn't:

      Lame alibis...

      scan better than
      Useless alibis       ??

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