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  •  I'm warning you, people, DO NOT, I repeat (4.00)
    DO NOT put on your x-mas CDs if you have any work to do tonight....

    Go, tell it on the mountain,
    Over the blogs, through the cybersphere
    Go tell it on the mountain,
    Karl Rove's goose is cooked!

    While wingnuts kept a' freepin',
    And Judy was doin' time,
    Behold to the grand jury
    Was revealed a heinous crime.

    Go, shout it from the rooftops,
    Down in the bayou, in Falluja, too!
    Go, shout it from the rooftops,
    Dick Cheney's time is through!

    George Bush he joked and jittered,
    When lo! above the spin,
    Rang out the big indictment
    That derailed those bastards' sins.


    Down in a DC courthouse
    The aspens did suborn,
    And God sent incrimination
    That blessèd Fitzmas morn.

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