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View Diary: Bush knew about Rove and Plame (213 comments)

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  •  No, she wasn't... (none)
    but the comment was made to an FBI Agent, and lying to the FBI is itself illegal.

    Unfortunately it's not illegal to lie to the Press, although I personally think any statement made by the President in his official station and capacity should always be considered "Under Oath" - it would solve a lot of problems.


    •  I Was Actually Referring to his Interview... (none)
      with the feds in 2004 regarding this case.  If that interview was AFTER the "woodshedding" then Bush would have had to have been very careful to tell the truth regarding what he knew, how he knew it, when he knew it and who told him what.  I would think, given his knowledge, that he would be, at this point, a material witness, if not an actual co-conspirator (assuming that the Daily News story being true, that is.)

      And this is all begging the question of how he could keep Rove on -with the highest of security clearances - after being informed that Rove may have been instrumental in committing a felony that damaged national security.

      "We're all working for the Pharoah" - Richard Thompson

      by mayan on Wed Oct 19, 2005 at 11:22:00 AM PDT

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