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  •  Froomkin and Georgia10 (4.00)
    Froomkin has a great recap of the past few days events in excerpts of news write-ups, called Waiting for the Sword  - LOL

    He even excerpted our own hugely talented and hysterically funny (SusanG gets a major KUDOS as well - I'm still laughing over her comment) Georgia10:

    The Gloating of the Liberals

    Daily Kos blogger georgia10 epitomizes the giddiness among liberal bloggers about the upcoming potential onslaught.

    "[D]id you know that we're just hours (all right, maybe a couple days) away from FITZMAS????" georgia 10 asks. "Doesn't it feel like the hap-happiest time of the year??"
    Georgia10 makes her appearance on page 5 of the article.  All-in-all an enjoyable read.

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