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  •  don't be so sure about that (none)
    we need about 15 repuglican congressmen to "flip"

    then we have speaker Pelosi lead the impeachment in the House

    and I think we could get John McCain to help us fuck bush in the ass once we inform him that he will never be president after this

    those pictures of mcCain and bush at the birthday party while Katrina was killing Aemricans is enough to end McCain's political carear

    once McCain gets the message, I think he will help swing the votes in the Senate

    Then we have President Nancy Pelosi, don't cha love the sound of that

    its the freepi nightmare

    •  McCain is a whore (none)
      Listen, friend, it grieves me to say this, because McCain used to be the only Republican I respected as a human being, but the man is a 'ho.

      Bush's campaign wrote vile filth about McCain and McCain's family during the 2000 South Carolina primary. Stuff like "He has a Negro daughter, he's a homosexual, he's mentally ill, he sold out US soldiers and military secrets in exchange for food when imprisoned by the Viet Cong."

      And after that? McCain  did not rip Bush to shreds, as he had every right to, did not half-heartedly call a detente with Bush, did not make somewhat nice with him for the sake of the party.

      No, McCain puckered up and smooched Bush, every chance he got.

      So, no, don't count on McCain to sell Bush out. If Bush shitting on McCain's integrity and family and the truth wasn't enough to drive McCain away from him, nothing ever will be.

      •  Totally (none)

        I guess I'll never understand that.

        To see McCain all hugged up w bush at convention?  WTF?

        But I'm happy about torture ammendment to defense spending bill. Maybe there's some vestige of integrity...

        what must it be like to be in these people's bodies, living their lives?

        I thank god mine is so simple. To be an eager spectator at this show and not in the crosshairs of the gruesome (and oh so satisfying) carnage to come!  ~:)

        real leadership is more than costume changes. --M.Dowd

        by ksingh on Wed Oct 19, 2005 at 04:22:00 PM PDT

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      •  Ditto (none)
        Right on!!!  I am beginning to think that McCain's "maverick" routine is as real as Bush's "cowboy" schtik.  Bush bought the Crawford ranch in 2000 for his presidential campaign.

        "Be just and good." John Adams

        by aztec on Thu Oct 20, 2005 at 04:18:34 AM PDT

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