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  •  Thank you (4.00)
    for so many things: for raising such a remarkable young man, for turning out from painful and scary days into the world, for a beautifully written account that left me in tears and, finally, for putting yourself on the line to make a run for Congress.

    Your son IS a hero and an inspiration. As a nurse I'm appalled that the military didn't honor their promise to let him finish his schooling. All 52 of the people on his plane needed good nursing care. Where will they get it if the good people who want to be nurses get diverted to the motor pool?

    Please keep us informed as you can, both about your son and about your race for the House of Representatives. We need people like you in Congress and we need people like your son to be a light for the world.

    Keeping good thoughts for you and your family in the trying days ahead.

    P.S. PLEASE submit this as an op ed. How about that page in Newsweek where people have their say?

    Thank you.

    •  Feel free to submit it for me (4.00)
      I would be honored if you would help get this in every paper across the country. The ignorance across the country on these issues is great. People must know what is happening, than hopefully they'll get as pissed as I am. It is up to us to change this direction of recklessness and I need you to do you part. Get the word out that change is near and we are it!

      Jeff Latas Exploring a run for US Congress, Arizona District 8

      by Jeff Latas on Wed Oct 19, 2005 at 06:49:08 PM PDT

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