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  •  I'm sorry he's out of remission but glad he's (3.66)
    coming home!!
    That is AWESOME!!

    Get him the hell out of that hell hole!

    You have a lot of gumption to run for Congress!
    What state is that?

    I hate this war and that oldest my son is still in Iraq.
    I NEVER wanted him to go in the service but I was able to deal
    with him serving at home with the National Guard.
    His younger brother had already served oversea's with the U.S.M.C.,
    so I've had a taste of it.
    Until last December when instead of separation papers;
    my oldest got orders for Iraq.
    He went.
    He is an honorable soldier and a man of his word!
    He hasn't complained and has tried to remain positive.

    And today he e-mailed me and he's coming home too!!
    He is getting a two week leave!
    I'll be so happy to have him home in the states again!
    I know it's only two weeks but it's two very much needed weeks for him.
    And I'll get two weeks of sleep! Hoorah!
    He will still be in Iraq for Thanksgiving and
    he will be going back to Iraq just before Christmas.
    I guess I better hurry up with the decorations!

    I'll say a prayer that your son gets back on
    his feet and beats this thing down!
    He will!!
    He's a strong American soldier!
    You should be proud of your son and I know you are!

    From one parent of a soldier to another...


    "Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

    by Breeze54 on Thu Oct 20, 2005 at 05:27:57 AM PDT

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