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  •  Then what were you doing about it in 2003? (none)
    I'm not implying anything......I'm asking you flat out....The American public is misled only so far as it wishes to hide it's collective head. Even in 2003 Al-Jazeera,U.K.'s "Guardian", and Kuwaiti TV was showing the the video/photos you speak of. And you and I both know that it was policy not to show photos of "Final Rest" flights since Vietnam. I was inducted in 1982 and that policy has been in place as long as I was in and I got out in 1997. The reason I know is that I had to escort a few friends back to the States after an "accident" concerning a cruise missle and a frigate. A "kindly" AF Master Sergeant educated me by smashing my camera on the tarmac at Andrews. Alas I contention here is that you could've stayed far more informed than the "Average Joe" had you wished to. And now for you to come out and run for office thumping the table and claiming it's time for a change. Who's change?And who's version of the truth are we going to hear this time?

    "I have prayed to God for one thing in my life:For Him to make people laugh at my enemies and they have" -Voltaire

    by keepiru913 on Fri Oct 28, 2005 at 11:36:13 PM PDT

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