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    Been around for about 50 years, as a matter of fact.

    Read about it in Masters and Johnson: The surgeon removes your penis, skins it, and turns it into a tube that forms your new vagina.

    •  It's not a vagina (none)
      It's not a vagina until it springs a leak at least once a month for twenty years or more - usually while wearing your favorite skirt or light slacks.

      It's not a vagina until it works in unison with your hips to literally expand a little for monthly maintenance or a whole hell of a lot for childbirth.

      I challenge any man to be upbeat, patient, and even alluring under those circumstances. I challenge any man to endure it for decades while the society around them treats them as inferior.

      Men... I say this with every fibre of my being, men have no idea how much most women would love to share full vagina and womb duty for propagating our species with them. They have no idea at all.

      •  Artificial Vaginas (none)
        You can probably file this under "Too Much Information":

        Actually, I believe the operation to create a vagina originally was, um, conceived to treat women who had been born without 'em.

        (Yes, it happens. Someone I went to college with confided that she was born without a hoohah, and when we read Master and Johnson outloud while knitting in the dorm at night she was gratified to hear it could be rectified. But said, "Knowing my father, he won't pay for it until I'm out of college.")

        For women they remove a rectangle of skin from the inner thigh, turn it inside out, stitch it into a tube, insert -- and weeks later, it will begin to lubricate like the real thing!

        Like I said, I took Master and Johnson's Human Sexual Response out of the college library 35 years ago (in those days, it was kept under lock and key!), and I've had that cocktail party anecdote to stop conversation with, ever since!

        •  Oh, yeah (none)
          I know transexuals that have had the operation. I've got no problem with that, although I regret thaqt they had to go through such a traumatic procedure to feel good about themselves. But a vagina is more than a fuckable hole where your dick and dangly bits used to be.

          That was my point - albeit rather crudely made.

      •  Not to be a dick... (none)
        at least you can bear children

        You can choose not to have children, but I will never be able to choose to have them.  Frankly, I am a little bit jealous.  Who is really the lucky one?  I am not sure, but please consider that your ability to have kids, and to nurse them is something that I will never be able to do.  I will never know that special bond.

        "That blood was already on the flag; we just made it visible." - Clare Grady

        by tamman2000 on Thu Oct 20, 2005 at 02:12:27 PM PDT

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