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View Diary: Coburn Amendment, on the floor (435 comments)

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  •  I know. (none)
    Even Hagel voted for it & his state was one of the ones that stood to lose cash.  Much as I distrust Hagel, I gotta give him props for that.

    Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it. -- Mark Twain

    by GTPinNJ on Thu Oct 20, 2005 at 02:34:16 PM PDT

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    •  Hagel (4.00)
      He understands how Nebraskans feel about pork. Even/especially their own. We have a federally funded walking bridge across the Missouri River on order and nobody in Omaha wants it. Omahans don't walk to the corner, why the hell would they want to walk to Iowa?
    •  Well, (none)
      there is our greatest Republican contender for 2008.  Looks to me like he is setting himself up for a run.

      GWB: best argument I know of to refute "Intelligent Design"

      by Pandora on Thu Oct 20, 2005 at 07:46:57 PM PDT

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