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  •  My letter to Inhofe.... (none)
    Dear Senator Inhofe,

    Did I just hear you say on CPAN-2, that you would not vote for Senator Coburn's amendment to cancel some of the most obscene pork projects so that money can go to Katrina reconstruction,

    WHEN are you people going to start putting the overall good of the country over your prospects for reelection?

    I am a democrat that believes in fiscal responsibility, a sensibly strong military and responsibly run social programss that help the poor have a chance to get ahead in life, but most of these pork projects are completely unnecessary, especially when this country is going into extreme levels of debt.

    We can't even get our own damn roads in Oklahoma fixed(unless we want to agree to even MORE taxes, on gas nonetheless, but we have to watch as our TAX dollars go to ridiculous projects in ALASKA???

    I promise you that I will do my small part to educate the people in this country as to the recklessness that goes on in congress.

    You all get away with this crap because you know not enough people are paying attention.  Hopefully, that will change.

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