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View Diary: Coburn Amendment, on the floor (435 comments)

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  •  so does that make it right?? (none)
    why are you unloading on the messenger??

    4 Democrats??!

    ONLY 4 Dems could bring themselves to vote for the amendment??

    does DC stand for "Doesn't Care"?

    •  Not everything is a grand moral statement (none)
      What I'm reacting to is the way over-the-top rhetoric on this issue.  Kos and most here are tearing their hair out over what a bunch of sellouts the Dems are because they didn't vote with the resident nutjob in the Senate.  Sure, you can make an argument that Dems could have scored some points on this, you can make a counter-argument that the media would have portrayed it as a cheap stunt.  What you cannot do is make this into some grand statement against pork.  By targetting the Chairman's projects, Coburn insured that no matter how the vote went nothing would substantively change.  It was nothing more than a show and a distraction from the real fiscal issues we face.  It certainly was no grand moral gesture.

      Most Senators came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth scoring some cheap political points to stick their finger in Stevens' eye because he could punish their constituents in a very real way.  I'd say that's a rational and, yes, moral conclusion.  

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