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View Diary: New WSJ Article: Fitz Focus on Classified Leaks (112 comments)

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  •  The Niger docs investigation is something (4.00)
    we just don't hear anything about.  While we've heard that Plame, Niger and Franklin/AIPAC have intersected (as they should), it's frustrating that the total picture these three investigations aren't reported.  

    Talk about scandal.

    •  Leeden (4.00)
      is involved in the Niger docs. He's specifically mentioned in the Italian report if Raimondo's recent article is true.

      "Mr. Bush's relationship to the environment is roughly that of a doctor to a patient--when the doctor's name is Kevorkian." Bob Herbert, NYT

      by jorndorff on Thu Oct 20, 2005 at 11:01:42 PM PDT

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      •  More sharing going on (none)
        I would imagine the prosecutors in all these cases have each other on speed dial.

        "Only the FSM has the noodles to plug all of *these* holes!"

        by PatsBard on Thu Oct 20, 2005 at 11:10:21 PM PDT

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        •  Yep (4.00)
          Fitz reportedly shared the report with the prosecutor of the AIPAC case.

          "Mr. Bush's relationship to the environment is roughly that of a doctor to a patient--when the doctor's name is Kevorkian." Bob Herbert, NYT

          by jorndorff on Thu Oct 20, 2005 at 11:12:23 PM PDT

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      •  And Rhode. (4.00)
        I wish we had better coverage of the AIPAC investigation.  Not only do we have Rosen and Weissman indicted, but we haven't seen anything on US government officials 1 and 2, and "DOD employee" who leaked classified info all ovah the place.  

        This could make Plame look lightweight.

        •  if he connects the dots (none)
          That is, if he can tie any one person between the two, then he can charge conspiracy on the Niger forgeries for anyone involved with the Plame leak, no?

          No folly is more costly than the folly of intolerant idealism. – Winston Churchill

          by subtropolis on Thu Oct 20, 2005 at 11:57:27 PM PDT

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          •  If Fitz has fully pulled the Niger (none)
            docs investigation into this, I still don't know that the WHIG group would be subject to conspiracy on the origin of the Niger docs.

            I would tend to think that the conspiracy on the Niger docs would be limited to a very few: Rhode, Franklin, Leedeen.  Maybe Luti?  Maybe Feith?

            The Niger documents scandal alone is stunning.  It's frustrating to not know if it's the next big scandal.  

            Next to the AIPAC probe.  And next to the Abramoff investigations.  

            Tee-hee. There's got to be more to come.

        •  sign up for some key words (none)
 alerts on goggle or another search engine for AIPAC or Larry Franklin and it should return you a few articles now and then, mostly from the JP or the Forward or the Jewish Tel agency and the overseas press...they are following the case and writting about it more openly than the US MSM. Nothing is leaking from the FBI in that case either, but the attorneys for the defendents are quoted frequently.
      •  How reliable is J. Raimondo really? (none)
        There's been some pretty harsh criticism leveled against him in the past but most of it has been on the anti-semitic level...not sure on the accuracy side of things.

        Anyone have any reason to not give his article credibility?  Just wondering.

        George W. Bush, Resign NOW.

        by tlh lib on Fri Oct 21, 2005 at 12:00:38 AM PDT

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        •  I don't know - he tends to couch (4.00)
          everything in terms of Israel.  

          But, the Plame/Niger docs/AIPAC investigations are definitely connected, and it's the same people over and over again.  And it's Iran/Contra revisited, to say the least.  

          I wish we knew more.

          •  Yes .... he does frame everything as (none)
            connected to Israel which is what makes his reporting come across a bit odd...not neccesarily factually disputable (I tend to agree with him more so than I do most conservatives...but then again I agree with Pat Buchanan the past couple of years more than my stomach previously had told me it would allow).   It's how they both frame everything as Israel Israel Israel that turns the warning light in my head on.   But like I said below, I've never seen his reporting actually be refuted or debunked so I'm hoping he's got this one right.  

            I think we'll know more sooner than some would like but much further than we would like.   I dunno bout you but my damn refresh key is about to go AWOL on me.

            George W. Bush, Resign NOW.

            by tlh lib on Fri Oct 21, 2005 at 12:38:49 AM PDT

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        •  I have checked out his site once a week or so (none)
          ... since I stumbled onto it after 911.

          I have to say that he has been very accurate, in fact dead on, about Plame and the AIPAC deal...I don't know his sources, but he has been way ahead of everyone about where these cases were going.

          I haven't seen anything anti-semitic in the sense of hating Jews, but he doesn't like the US/Isr relationship at all and makes no bones about it.

          •  Thanks for the opinion (4.00)
            I like his writing and tend to agree with him more times than not on the undue influence Israel has in our foreign policy but as 2lucky says above "he tends to couch everything in terms of Israel" which is a bit on the Buchanan anti-war side of things.

            I hope he's got this one right and haven't seen actual debunking of anything he's claimed from sources before which is why I asked the question.  

            George W. Bush, Resign NOW.

            by tlh lib on Fri Oct 21, 2005 at 12:34:10 AM PDT

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            •  yes I think (none)
              ..he has that "pure libertarian" sort of outlook where foreign policy and particulary the Israel connection are concerned.  I have seen him bash our China-centric trade policy and others but his focus since I have been reading is mostly Israel or rather the Israel lobby. I tend to let him skate in his rants because he also takes down our sell out politicans on the Israel and China and Saudi connections...and like you say most often he has been accurate in his facts.
              •  It's obviously a lapse on the media's part (none)
                (as if thats' anything new) that the AIPAC convictions have gotten not only the scantest of attention but have not been scrutinized as to the bigger picture.

                I'll go conspiracy theorist for a moment and say that not only are those two connected....but ARMPAC, AIPAC, and DICKGate are connected.....these people all launder money and power is exchanged for power or money only....they don't do things out of principle beyond money or power.....

                The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is not only a far cry from a tinfoil's simply the name Hillary chose to use for a media and power machine that I don't think even she understood the depth and reach of at the time she uttered those oft repeated words.

                I see this organization (and by "organization" I mean the current leadership of the Republican Party alongside those above them in AIE, PNAC, CFG, etc) as nothing more than a crime family....La Cosa Nostra done right under the noses of the willing citizenship of this nation.

                As more facts come to the forefront and more evidence is amassed to back it's becoming increasingly more obvious that this is the case.   The "liberal media" is projection at a base level perfected at a level we've never before seen in this country through the media and every single scream of "liberal" is bound to be attached to more projectionism and accusations that they themselves are guilty of far beyond anyone's sickest imagination.

                These fuckers have hoodwinked most of the nation (because 51% didn't vote for Kerry on the basis of realizing what a criminal organization they were voting against....maybe 30? 35?  Am I begin generous?).  

                I really thought we would win last least the presidency (and I put the congress above that in terms of priority but I didn't really have a lot of hope in that aspect....went worse than I thought it would though).......but maybe it's for the best in the long term.....maybe people will really see what criminals these fuckers are....

                But then again....I'm counting on people paying attention....if Watergate happened today....would people pay attention or care.....

                I wouldn't bank on it....I think we're in one of the strongest of times amongst those who are politically aware and care deeply (if erroneously in many cases imo) about what's going on....and one of the weakest of times when speaking about the number of people amongst the ~300million who live here who actually give a rats ass.

                We shall see.

                George W. Bush, Resign NOW.

                by tlh lib on Fri Oct 21, 2005 at 12:58:44 AM PDT

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                •  you nailed it (none)
         description of government a la the Cheney money-power mentality lately that I have seen.

                  I have been using Mafia/USA, Inc to describe our government for some time now.

                  I know we are headed for a meltdown I just hope the revoltuion is not far behind it...cause that is what it is going to take...corruption use to be the exception, now it is the rule...they ALL need to go.

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