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    Maybe Carville was simply agitated because his wife is in trouble with the Grand Jury and he thinks Novak is getting off too lightly. Of course both of them know more about this than any of us. Mrs. Carville (alias Michelle Matalin) is hardly a minor cog in the wheel and he, being her husband, is doubtless aware of a lot more inside information than most people, also because of his earlier history (and maybe present role?) of being a greaser for the Democratic public relations machine. From the public point of view, I find marriages like this political monstrosities, like Mr and Mrs Greenspan and probably many others I'm not aware of. Talking about conflict of interests. It's so typical of people like Carville and Novak that they play all of this out in public while in fact their busy with a major in-crowd intrigue whose effect on the U.S. of A. as a whole doesn't seem to play any role in their calculations. Judith Miller is another example of this kind of social sliming. Okay, what else is new. As if I've rediscovered the wheel. In fact I still don't get Carville's statement and Novak's extreme reaction.
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      there is only one explanation for the Carville/Matalin marriage: mind-blowing sex.

      "Our enemy is innovative and resourceful and so are we. Our enemy never stops thinking of new ways to harm us and our country, and neither do we." G.W. Bush

      by litigatormom on Fri Oct 21, 2005 at 06:38:46 AM PDT

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