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  •  Chandler (none)
    Will the locals get upset at a collection of Yankee liberals coming down to bash Our President?  Just asking.  The Starbucks Army of Deanites didn't play too well in Iowa....
    •  Most likely (none)
      Bush won KY by about 16 points, which is a large margin (however, it's barely 200k votes). That could, however, energize the swing voters and the non-voters.

      Winning this seat is a powerful message to send to the RNC and it would be a most wonderful thing to do this year if we are to take back the White House and Congress.

    •  Carpetbagging (none)
      This is steve from the DCCC - I am usually an internet guy, but was pounding the pavement yesterday. Our team and I have gotten A TON of really nice responses - even if the folks are voting republican - so we haven't seen any backlash. It may help that a lot of our volunteers are from southern states...  

      you can follow us at - pics are coming soon.

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