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  •  "Worse Than Watergate" (none)
    Every bit of sleaze, from this to DeLay to Frist, to Abramoff, etc., etc., can later be made to fit under it.

    With Worse Than Watergate being the battle cry, then the sheeple instantly get the message without a whole lot of upfront explaining (of course, we at the same time go about explaining, but all those explanations will already have Worse Than Watergate as the frame of reference). We can worry later about explaining how all the other sleaze fits under it as each said sleaze has its Judgment Day. (Now, you just know that millions of Americans will be hearing about all of this for the 'first time' b/c they only watch 10 minutes of Today in the morning or 5 minutes of Faux at night....if that....and they will be scratching their heads going, "So people are getting charged with crimes over Katrina?"....b/c that is the last time a wee bit of news punctured their world).

    AND, without having to say or hear another world, those little pea brains and that little internal voice gets to working...."If this is Worse Than Watergate....and PRESIDENT Nixon had to resign over Watergate....well, then I guess that means, really?"

    Come into the light, my children.

    •  That's not a bad (none)
      one-liner.  It certainly pegs this to an iconic reference that most people will immediately cop to.  It may, if nothing else, get their attention.  

      But I think we need to go a little bit further in our demands, and here I am stealing from an earlier diary of mine.  

      We need to issue a clarion call for specific action so that we can head the RW cavalry off at the easy pass (to pardons and mild censure).  So, for example:

      1. if it turns out that the indictments reach into the Vice President's office, do we, the people, call for congress to impeach Cheney?

      2.  If Rove is indicted, do we call for congress to impeach Bush?

      3. What about the WHIG conspirators?  What would we consider to be "justice done" in their cases?  How do we hold them acountable? Jail time?  Large fines?  Should they be required to do community service?  Make a public apology on broadcast TV, together with full disclosure of their crimes?  What is permissible under the law?  

      4.  What do we demand if, as in scandals past, all the main players take the 5th?  How do we prevent them from hiding behind a constitutional right only to then be pardoned by a president - as has happened all too often before.

      My sense is, we need to start an insistent drumbeat of demands with the goal of ultimately weeding out corruption and abuse of power, secretiveness and shadow operations.  

      We need to use this moment to begin a process of cleaning out our collective House - starting with the White one, and then going onto the Congressional one.  

      So, it's not just the framing or the meme or the sound byte that we have to nail down.  We also need to control the discussion about what recompense needs to be made to us, the people, for all that they, the indicted, have wrought in our names.  


      Reality addict - can't get enough of seeing it all clearly

      by writeout on Fri Oct 21, 2005 at 03:22:41 PM PDT

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      •  The other thing... (none) that whoever frames first, frames best.

        If we jump out and get our frame out there first -- the way we did on the Bush-Kerry debates, the way we did on Social Security -- we win.

      •  Agreed (none)
        I was just trying to put forth the sound bite.

        Excellent questions you raise, many of which I think we can't really have an answer for until the indictments come down.

        My own thoughts on 1 & 2:  I would say ring the bells to impeach, impeach, impeach....but both Georgie and Cheney at the same time?  That's a tough one b/c I keep coming back to the Constitutional crisis that would ensue. Anything that the collective Congress will do (or allow to be done) will be through the filter of those and other worldwide ramifications...including the world economy.

        I started saying to friends after the 2004 election that when BushCo finally turned this country into the proverbial drunk in the ditch -- when that day, THE day, finally got here -- that what would possibly result would be the appearance by Dems to be much more "silent" than we (the base) would like, but would really be the Dems being willing to be sacrificial lambs in this whole damn mess....falling on the sword of our public opinion, to some extent, in not calling for the "ultimate" [impeachment] so as to serve the greater good:  the sheer survival of our Republic.  If they do or do not call for it depends, in large part I believe, on their own answers to the crisis questions.

        That's it for me tonight.  I'm all tapped out.  Thanks for the questions.  We need to keep asking and answering them.

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