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  •  Yucky? (4.00)
    Not if you're reasonably competent.  There is very little design wise that can't be done and still meet sec. 508 guidelines, at worst you have to do something differently.  And on a government site (which along with agencies receiving federal funds are the the only ones required to meet the guidelines) there is almost nothing you'd need to do that you couldn't do and still meet them.

    Never mind that some of us actually care if disabled people can use the internet.  Letting the entire population access the same public resources is sorta important.  Web designers complaining about Sec. 508 is like a architects bashing the ADA cause you have to put a ramp up to one of the entrances.  

    •  You Are Correct (none)
      To a point.  There are things you cannot do and still meet section 508 guidelines, and those do impact creative design to some degree.  Not that it makes a difference since automated publishing systems restrict to the lowest required standards anyway, which are often (arcanely)arbitrary and silly.

      I shall hereby limit use of the term "yucky".

      Embrace diversity. Not everyone is intelligent.

      by FLDemJax on Fri Oct 21, 2005 at 04:47:56 PM PDT

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      •  The things you can't do (none)
        Flash, mostly. Fancy javascript effects that impact using the site, if you don't have another, equally usable, way. Graphics that are content and don't have alt tags. Using color to indicate information. Forms that aren't set up semantically.

        You can work around all of those, easily, and without much impact on design. CSS helps enormously.

        If you ever get a chance, go to a workshop given by the National Federation for the Blind. Very eyeopening (pun intended).

    •  As far as I can see... (none)
      ...Section 508 also enforces good taste.

      I've been to too many websites for companies where the web designer was going berzerk with things like black-on-grey fonts and the like.  Rather like PowerPoint newbies when they find out they can Make! Images! Spin!  

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