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View Diary: Pentagon in Contempt Over Secret Abu Ghraib Photos? (28 comments)

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  •  Thank you (none)
    for keeping us up to date on this.

    It's hard to believe the Pentagon would continue to commit contempt, or do so for any length of time.  What I'm hoping is that this is just a very temporary delay, and that the photos will be released per the court order.

    Is it possible that they have filed an appeal?  That doesn't justify their actions, but it might help to explain what is going on.

    I hope you'll stay on top of this and continue to keep us informed.  I'm sure that the world community is following this closely.  How can they take Bush's outrage over the Lebanon case seriously when Bush himself is accused of even greater crimes?


    •  ongoing Supreme Court? (none)
      Maybe the Pentagon plans to appeal this all the way to the Supreme Court.  By then, maybe it will be 2007, past the election.

      If their strategy fails, the photos may be released just before the 2006 election, which would be disaster for the Republicans.

    •  No Notice of Appeal Has Been Filed . . . Yet (none)
      See the comments slightly above this regarding the motion for reconsideration filed by the CIA and the one-week extension of the stay of Judge Hellerstein's Sept. 29 order.  Since this case is an Electronic Case Files (ECF) matter, all public court filings are available vitrually instantaneously through the court's CM/ECF system (at $0.08 per page).  No separate notice of appeal has yet been filed.

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