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  •  Gotta tell this story (4.00)
    I live in the Chicago South Side. A couple of weeks ago, my parents and my uncle, all from the Boston area, come to visit. This is just after the White Sox have swept the Red Sox.

    My uncle, a big Red Sox fan, is wearing his RS windbreaker. One of the things we do is go to a play at Steppenwolf, a theater in the North Side. The parking attendent sees the windbreaker and expresses his sympathy. My uncles says something along the lines of "Well, we won last year, so I guess it's your turn. You must be happy about the White Sox."


    A rapid education in the geo-athletic division of Chicago followed. The attendant, a North-Sider through and through, started his rant with "I hate the White Sox" and went from there...


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