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  •  Barack Obama is a die-hard White Sox fan (none)
    there's another political consideration. I'll go with Chicago. He threw out the first pitch in Game one against the Angels. And he is a lefty. Insert joke here. :)

    A message to the Iraqi people: The crooked voting machines have to be back in Florida by Friday -Dave Letterman

    by jj32 on Sat Oct 22, 2005 at 01:12:43 PM PDT

    •  Of Course (none)
      He is a South Side guy.  You could take the Garfield bus to Comiskey Park from Hyde Park.

      (I know, I know, I'm dating myself.)

      •  It's the 55 bus now (none)
        Some years ago, the east-west buses on the South Side were renumbered to correspond to the street that they followed.

        55 to the Dan Ryan, Red line north to 35th, and you're right at the new stadium.


        •  It's Not Comiskey Park Anymore, Right? (none)
          I'm not a big baseball fan, but I am pretty sure the new White Sox stadium goes by another name.
          •  US Cellular Field, (none)
            aka 'The Cell', courtesy of a cellphone company that wanted some extra publicity.


            •  Since My Last Trip to Comiskey (none)
              Occurred on the night of Disco Demolition (which my husband and I barely survived), the cell seems very appropriate.  As we approached the ballpark on the night of Disco Demolition, we thought we heard gunshots.  They were vinyl records being thrown from the stands onto the sidewalks near the stadium.  I had been told to go to the game because a client radio station was sponsoring the event.  As I recall, a fan fell from an upper deck seat onto a peanut vendor.  All this occurred before the disco records were exploded in the infield and the second game of the double header was cancelled.

              This cemented my loyalty to the Cubs as my National League team, although I will root for the White Sox in the series.

              •  Disco Demolition Night (none)
                was long before my time (I've only lived here for a couple of years), but it's notorious enough that I've certainly heard of it.

                Worst. Promotional. Event. Ever.


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