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  •  Yes (3.50)
    I have tremendous amounts of respect for the fact that Bagwell and Biggio have played for one team for so long.  It seems like nobody (especially well-known guys) does that anymore.  For as long as they've stuck with their team, I'd like to see them get World Series rings out of it.
    •  Another one is Frank Thomas (none)
      Biggio came up in 1988, Thomas in 1990, Bagwell in 1991.

      And the one time Thomas' team finally makes it to the World Series, he is hurt and cannot participate.

      BTW, with Thomas this year, the White Sox were 20-9 when he started.  He also pinch hit in 5 games.  With a team that was only one win from the best record in baseball, they were even better when he played than not.

      In those 34 games, Thomas only batted .219, but he had 26 RBIs and 12 homers.  When Cleveland was breathing down their necks in late September, those games Frank played in were forgotten, but actually loomed large.  The White Sox would certainly have lost their lead had it not been for Frank's contribution earlier in the season.  And if Cleveland had taken the lead, who knows if the Sox would have been able to overtake them.

      Hats off to Biggio and Baggsie, and kudos that they finally made it.

      But let's give a tip of the hat to Frank as well.  Even in a season where he is forgotten in the overall team's success, and will not get into the WS, he contributed, and did so very well when he could.

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