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  •  Atrios' e-mail (none)
    I still think Bush requested leave to go to Alabama because he had heard that drug testing was about to be initiated.  The date of his request and departure supposedly coincides with that though I don't have a link at the moment to show as much.  I don't know if the e-mail Atrios referred to about W being at a NC rehab center for rich kids during the period in question was real or not but I think the timing of the request is odd and made even more odd by the lack of more convincing documentation that Bush worked on the campaign in AL during this time period.  

    One visit to a dentist doesn't mean much and that seems to be what the evidence for his whereabouts is at this point.  There should be more evidence in AL if he was where he says he was.  I worked very briefly on a state senate campaign 22 years ago (I was a mere pup at the time) in AR but I still have witnesses who can place me there including the candidate, his family, and other campaign workers.  What about others who worked on that campaign?  Surely some of them are still around?  What about local newspapers from AL that were covering the campaign?  Have they been scoured?  The roar of such a lack of evidence is deafening to me.

    •  There is evidence (none)
      There was an AP article and a Southerner article, both of which had quotes from people who worked with him on the campaign.

      The people who are still active Republicans pretty much say he was brilliant. The others pretty much say he came in at noon every day and mostly just talked about how much he drank the night before and how many times he had gotten off of some charge in New Haven because of his name.

    •  total joke (none)
      that email, like the one about bush getting one "maria" pregnant and driving her to mexico for an abortion, was a total joke. it was a parody of similar postings about john kerry on the national review online's blog.
    •  He did work for the campaign (none)
      One of the Alabama weeklies has a story where they interview the nephew of the candidate Bush was working for. He says Bush would come in at noon, plunk his boots on the desk, and spend a bunch of time bs'ing about how much he'd drunk last night and etc.... not exactly the campaign worker to end all campaign workers, but he was there. (I tend to believe this account because it agrees with most of what we already know about the GWB of that era).

      Frankly, I think this dog won't hunt. I want to hear about the jet trainer that Bush crashed while drunk (or didn't -- this is a rumor going around Texas back in the 90's). That won't happen until Bush signs a FOIA release for his full record, including his discipline record. Until he does that, the law says that the DoD can't even tell us he has a discipline record, much less what's in it.

      The Attorney General speaks:

      by badtux on Sun Feb 15, 2004 at 02:23:56 PM PST

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