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View Diary: Was Bush KICKED OUT of Guard? (144 comments)

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  •  I'm guessing no. (4.00)
    And the reason I'm guessing no is the same reason I'm guessing I'm not going to win the lottery.  It just doesn't get the good for me.  

    On the other hand, if it comes out that Bush got kicked out of the guard, and didn't get his ass kicked right into the regular, active-duty Air Force, I will still be laughing about it long after President Kerry's inauguration is a distant memory.

    Question.  This story has been laying on the table for four years. Why now?  Is it only because of the war?  Is it because Kerry's getting the Democratic nomination?

    I mean, there are plenty of stories sitting on the same table, waiting for any reporter interested in the truth to pursue.  The whole war, for one, but also Plame, his relationship with Enron, Halliburton and pretty much everything Cheney's ever done.  Why this story?

    I think it's a combination of the war and Kerry, plus the fact it's a story that they can use to put the wood to Bush without endangering any of the sweet deals everybody in Washington has with each other. This story is only about Bush, and it's only about 30 years ago.  

    The corporate press/media can take out push, put in Kerry, who isn't going to do anything to rock their worlds, and save their bacon.  The rich and powerful people who own and run this country have no problem cutting their friends loose when they become a liability.  With the protracted war, the looming economic disaster in the structural deficits, with the outrageous governance provoking the strongest insurrection against the established order of things since the 60s, I'd say they are hedging their bets on Bush.

    •  Why Now? (none)
      The issue was not fully resolved in 2000 because the democrats let it slide and the Bush campaign was doing everything it could to supress the story.  It remained an issue for a lot of people particularly Vietnam Era vets.  I think it has resurfaced because there is all this unresolved tension over the issue and it now has a voice in the mainstream press.  It has always been present as evidenced by websites like

      I am a vet, and I was pissed that GWB got a pass on this in '00.  When it resurfaced thanks to that dope Peter Jennings, I felt it was a call to action.  I have been blogging and writing letters to editors, and emails to reporters ever since.

      •  Republican stupidity (4.00)
        Michael Moore says "deserter" Clark is called to repudiate it, Terry Mac says "AWOL", Kerry is called to repudiate it.  Their collective answer?  "Hey I didn't bring this up, but feel free to look into it".

        Ed Gillespie thought this was a winner, a nice little wedge issue to shove between Kerry or Clark and the generally anti-war Democratic base.  They didn't take the bait and now he is on the hook.  Did he just not know that we had the goods?

        Half the left web-sites out there have been spelling aWol with a capitol W for three years, there just was no opportunity to deploy it.  The Rethugs are so lost in their own adoration of Glorious Leader that they didn't suspect that attacking those who are not quite so enanamoured with Bush might result with this lash back "Well now that you brought it up ....."

        Thanks Ed, we owe you.

        •  Totally! (none)
          Ed Gillespie thought this was a winner, a nice little wedge issue to shove between Kerry or Clark and the generally anti-war Democratic base.

          Yep! When I saw he'd brought it up, I burst out laughing, because he had just made it a story.

          What a deliciously stupid thing for the RNC chairman to do. Hope he hasn't learned from this experience.

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