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  •  "Honorable" discharges (none)
    The National Guard has a long history of handing out "honorable" discharges that aren't. One of my former friends was called up for duty in '91 to serve in Saudi Arabia (he was trained as a tank mechanic). He refused to report for duty, saying he'd signed up for college money, not to fight for Exxon (his words, not mine). The official term for this is "mutiny", and it's a hanging offense (literally). He got frogmarched off by a couple of MP's, restricted to barracks for two weeks, then discharged with an honorable discharge with for bogus "medical" reasons because having one of his men mutiny would have looked bad on his CO's record.

    There was, of course, nothing honorable about either my former friend's conduct nor his discharge. But he gets to say he was honorably discharged anyhow.

    If outright mutiny can get an honorable discharge from the NG in '91, somehow I think an honorable discharge from the NG isn't exactly a badge of good conduct...

    The Attorney General speaks:

    by badtux on Sun Feb 15, 2004 at 06:39:04 AM PST

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