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  •  F102 pilots still had plenty to do in 1972. (none)
    BCF, according to the F-102's operational history, the 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron to which Bush was attached in Texas flew the F-102A until 1975, when they transitioned to the F-101B. See Squadron Service of the F102.

    My own suspicion is that Bush crashed a plane while under the influence. Why? Because of this anecdote by Paul Burka in the June 1999 Texas Monthly:

    As he well knew, I had already heard all of it through the media grapevine. "You missed one," I said. "You crashed a jet while you were in the National Guard because you were drunk."
    He spread his hands. "That's easy," he said. "Where's the plane?" Game over. He spun around and headed off.

    •  Louise (none)
      I do agree with your point.  And my point is that this whole thing is a lot more complicated than simply "rich kid gets set up in the guard to dodge the draft."

      That's why, when you said "what happened to change his mind about flying" I thought was an excellent question to ask and an excellent place to have a discussion.  There were probably millions of words spoken between all the members of that Guard unit of which we will only know the scantest of a fraction.  But finding out what really happened will go a long way to explaining what "Vietnam" was all about.  

    •  F-102 was an interceptor (none)
      As in "Bush was protecting us from Bombers sent by Mexico"

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