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  •  More on Bath (none)
    Texas Observer 2001

    Key paragraph:
    "After the death of Mohammed bin Laden, control of the company    passed to Salem bin Laden, Osama's half brother. The roots of the first    known Bush-bin Laden convergence date back to the mid-1970s, when the two clans    were linked by a Houston businessman named James R. Bath. Bath had befriended   George W. Bush in the late 1960s, when they both served in the Texas Air National    Guard. By 1976, when Gerald Ford appointed the elder George Bush as CIA director,    Bath was acting as a business agent for Salem bin Laden's interests in    Texas. (Texas and Saudi Arabia were well-connected by this point through U.S.    oil companies and related industries with operations in both locations.) In    1991 Time magazine and later other publications reported on allegations    by Bath's former business partner that the Bush CIA hired Bath in 1976    to create offshore companies to move CIA funds and aircraft between Texas and    Saudi Arabia. "

    I was going to bold the juicy parts, but everything ended up in bold.

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