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View Diary: House Dems Lay Out Slogan for 2006 (98 comments)

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  •  I had nothing to do with it (none)
    It's one thing to have respect for other's opinions.  I do.

    What I don't respect is knee-jerk criticisms any time the party tries to do anything.

    We say we want a slogan.  Fine.

    Do you really think the party could ever come up with a slogan that could satisfy everyone in our broad coalition?

    If not, how does it help to just come out and rip the slogan?

    Also, I'll ask again.  If this is so mediocre, what's your suggestion?  Do you really think you or anyone could come up with something that wouldn't immediately draw 50 comments from people finding something to criticize?

    •  why do you think.... (none)'s anyone's responsibility who posts on DailyKos to come up with a slogan??  I believe the Democrats should have a few people in the advertising industry from which they could draw some expertise.  Someone posted this diary and people responded.  I responded with the way I felt about it--I believe I'm entitled to that!!  And, as stated, if that's all they've got, me and my money will stay at home.  

      Might want to step off your high's not at all becoming!!!!

      •  You miss my point (none)
        There is no one who can come up with a slogan that everyone on Kos would like. No advertising person.  No PR person.  No Kossack. No one.

        Do you really disagree with that notion?

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