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View Diary: NRO writer: 'Fitz is apolitical' (104 comments)

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  •  Fitzgerald - not easily swift boatable (4.00)

    The problem about swift boating Fitz is that he's gained this aura about him over the past couple of months about how apolitical he is, how he's tough and fairminded and so on.

    So an image of Fitzgerald already exists. At least in the minds of politically conscious people.

    So it will be harder to swift boat him.

    However, what do people outside the Beltway know about Plamegate? When the GOP spin machine goes into high gear, is it going to be able to portray this as a partisan fight, leaving aside inconvinient facts like Fitz being appointed by the Bush Administration?

    I think they might decide to cut their losses at this point, Rove and Libby take the fall and in 2008, while going out, Bush pardons them.

    Now if Cheney is indicted too --- well, that'll kick this game up a whole notch.

    Btw: did you catch Dick Sauber (Matt Cooper's lawyer) on Tweety's show saying that the trial might not start before late winter- early Spring? That's really good, it'll stay fresh in peoples' minds for the 2006 elections.

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