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View Diary: NRO writer: 'Fitz is apolitical' (104 comments)

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    he could've announced that his investigation was complete, that there was nothing to pursue and that would be the end of it. He could even do that now, plugging a hole in Chimpy's sinking poll numbers ship.

    But let's say that he did leak information before the 2004 Miscarriage of Sanity. We'd have unsubstantiated rumors--because Fitzgerald couldn't exactly get on TV and confirm them--that members of the BC administration may have participated in a crime. That's all they'd be. Rumors. Rumors that possibly, maybe, would get airtime on the news networks that were dutifully fellating Chimpy; the networks that, instead of pointing out the truth behind the TANG memo, took the opportunity to point and laugh at Rather; the networks that clearly directed their energies to sliming Kerry's service record rather than digging into the facts about Bush's.

    And Fitzgerald was supposed to risk, if not blow up, his own case, for the possibility some leaks would get airplay?

    Come on.

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