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  •  Which is why (4.00)
    The convention will primarily ratify work already done by a process of open deliberation. The American public wants conventions to be media events that prove unity, like say, a sales convention.
    •  sounds good (none)
      "The convention will primarily ratify work already done by a process of open deliberation."

      That sounds good. Transparency and open deliberation are long overdue :)).

      I'd love to see the Democratic Party commit to transparent progressive foreign policy too.

      It was disheartening when Bill Clinton sent $3billion in military aid to Columbia supposedly to help in the (failed) drug war but maybe really to shore up protection of oil pipelines.

      We look hypocritical and undermine our own principles when we stand for democratic ideals at home but have a foreign policy that serves large multinationals at the expense of American taxpayers, American soldiers and indigenous 3rd world people.
      We need a comprehensive energy policy that doesn't conflict with a progressive foreign policy or a progressive domestic policy. (I think Wes Clark has a good handle on this along with others, of course.)

      •  Clark on Andean policy? (none)
        Has he expressed a position with regard to Colombia, etc, or are you speaking more in the abstract?

        I am not currently Licensed to Practice in this State. Or yours.

        by ben masel on Tue Oct 25, 2005 at 05:59:08 AM PDT

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        •  sorry, speaking in the abstract (none)
          I have not heard Wes Clark address policy on Columbia. But during the primary debates he was asked "didn't he think this country has to "protect" our access to Middle East oil?" I recall that his response was something to the effect that we don't need to steal our oil we can buy it on the open market.
            And I believe he has articulated that pursuing alternative energy technology can be a win/win/win - weaning us off foreign oil and the unacceptable geopolitical consequences, providing for a new technological economic engine here at home and improving our economic/financial strength.
           I think he is troubled that the people in our military are being used to solve what are economic and political problems.
          I'd love to know what he thinks about Columbia, so if anybody knows, please post.
    •  Beauty Contests (none)
      Sterling, in talking about the primary calender in an earlier diary, you suggested more extensive "beauty contests".  I think that ties in very well to this idea.  By holding the kind of deliberative events (regional? state? both?) you're talking about, we not only open up the process and make it more democratic, we also give those who intend to run for office the chance to step up to the plate and demonstrate their leadership.  

      And, in a public forum, with the national media paying attention, we state clearly and without hesitation that conservative ideals have failed this country and harmed it's people.

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