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  •  What about YearlyKos? (4.00)
    Is there some way that we could tie these two together?

    I mean, don't get me wrong, but I have some serious doubts about the DNC's willingness to organize something like this.  At this point, they seem content to just let the money roll in and wait to coast into a majority in 2008.  I hope to god I'm wrong--hell, I wrote a petition to try and kick-start it, but I haven't seen much support from the Democratic leadership.

    My idea is: we've already got a prime location, crowd, date, and organized infrastructure set up via YearlyKos.  Is there some way that we could expand the convention to encompass the larger discussion of change and reform in the coming years?

    Sure, it would be a lot harder and it would defeat the original purpose of YearlyKos: to celebrate and strengthen the concept of Netroots community--or would it?  What better way to demonstrate our influence than by holding a national referendum on the current leadership and how to change it?

    Think of it.  We could invite all sorts of DNC officials and top-tier journalists, who would be more attracted to it if we billed it as a public-run convention-style media event regarding the coming election and how "the people can take back the power." But it would be a REALLY big tent.  I'm talking green party, third party, independent presence--even inviting Republicans!  Particular Republicans who have expressed disgust at the current leadership.  McCain comes to mind, but I fear he might steal the Dem spotlight.  We need a no-name... someone like Zell Miller was for the GOP last November.  Remember how effective he was?  "LOOK!  a Democrat that doesn't like Democrats!  Shouldn't you feel the same way?"

    Regardless, It could be great.  I agree with everyone when they say that the DNC will never put the effort into making a convention happen... but instead of giving up like some on this website seem to want to do, I say: Let's make our own!

    What better way to demonstrate the drive and impact of the netroots than to hold our own, privately-funded, privately-run, national conference regarding a progressive movement for change? Sign the petition for an Open Convention!

    by MadCasey on Tue Oct 25, 2005 at 07:23:11 AM PDT

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