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  •  "Let's Return to Responsible Priorities" (none)
    Slogans and catch-phrases are hard to formulate without making them vague or complicated. You hear that polls say they need to be positive, forward looking, optimistic, etc. But when it really comes down to it, isn't what's so problematic right now the fact that our values and priorities are so screwed up? We are waging a war that makes us less secure rather than more. We are giving tax breaks to those who least need them and cutting programs to the most vulnerable. Washington is listening to those with the fattest checkbooks and ignoring those who need to work just to make ends meet. We are paying our CEOs 100s of times more than those that labor below them, but yet how many companies, supposedly to bolster the bottomline, are breaking the covenant they made to contribute to the healthcare and pensions of these workers .

    Our priorities are askew and the whole country knows it. That's why the right direction/wrong direction numbers in almost every poll are running two-to-one in the wrong direction.

    The slogan "Let's Return to Responsible Priorities" does several things:

    1. It addresses people's overall sense that this country is heading down the crapper
    2. It addresses the so-called values issue because if there is one thing this administration has been -- other than totally incompetent -- it's been irresponsible
    3. It allows us to remind voters of the last time a Democrat was setting priorities -- Clinton -- and how he was able to start leading us to live within our means and not saddle the next generations with debt.
    4. It addresses the need for collective action, that only together can we resolve our present problems.

    I am not saying that we ditch the other slogans of "We can do better". Rather I think that we can always use a refrain that together with our other slogans can sum up a bit more precisely what a Democratic Contract with America would do to the political landscape: essentially reorganize our present misguided values and priorities.

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