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    Thank you for your posting and answering of questions here Rep Miller, my questions are these:

    Does congress now understand what they are dealing with in terms of the cabal behind this war?

    Do they understand that while they are coming to the conclusion that we must "announce" that we don't intend to remain in Iraq, the same cabal is marching right ahead with their plans to create more chaos in Syria and Iran just as their ORIGINAL plan called for...and that they absolutely do not give a fig about congressional debates or deliberations or investigations?

    Congress has been striped of and/or gave up it's power to perform it's constitutional duty to this do you intend to get it back in order to attend to Iraq and prevent the spread of further Mid East conflict?

    The only way I see that you are going to stop this insanity is by denying them the money to carry on..and instead I see that once again more money has been approved and in fact that money is being transferred from one allocation to another in several guises alarming enough to have brought a protest from the General Accounting Office as to how this is being done. As I type this new armored Humvees sit waiting to go to Iraq that could be used right now and instead are being held for shipment in December when "new" troops are sent. Does that sound like a withdrawal to you? Does that even make sense?

    I am from North Carolina, in the heart of Marine/Army land, among the returning troops and know exactly their opinion of this war and how it has been handled. They are not happy, we are losing our military. I beseeched my GOP congressman Jones, prior to handing Bush the rights to this war, not to do it. His later come to Jesus awaking to the war lies expressed during his questioning of Richard Perle is not much comfort to the familes of dead soliders around here. And I can guarentee you that your reference to Iraq being a danger to Israel or any suggestion that American forces should be used to protect Israel who actually already has nukes  would be the last offical act and fatal mistake this government made before the citizens brought it down.

    We do not have the time to wait until the crazies seize another pretext to use their new nuclear premptive self written law to strike some other phony boggie man to advance their US/Isr Mid East "rearrangement" of power structures.

    Either find a way to REBUILD what we have destroyed in Iraq by giving authority to the Iraqis to create their own teams to restore some trappings of normalcy for Iraqis and withdraw the military from their cities or get out entirely. It's obvious the US military cannot accomplish anything in the enviroment that exist now. You will never, repeat Never defeat 1 billion Arabs who see you as the latest in dozens and centuries of would be colonial style occupiers.

    If you can't do that then cut the war money off, suck it back out of the black hole at the pentagon and shut down this entire government if you have to to bring this to an immediate halt.

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