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View Diary: Kinky Friedman could win Texas Governor's race. Really! (152 comments)

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  •  Kinky's my man... (4.00)
    And frankly, I'm sick of the Democratic Party of Texas thinking they have my family's support when they won't do anything but try to appear middle-of-the-road and inoffensive.  Inoffensive?  We live in Texas!  Kinky's a larger-than-life figure that is just right for the Great State of Texas.
    •  He's not a bigger joke than Tony Sanchez! (4.00)
      Last election the GOP portrayed Sanchez as a guy who laundered drug money by day and killed DEA agents as a hobby, and he did NOTHING.

      I did more last time trying to get people to vote democratic than the party did. I am sure Chris Bell is a very nice man, the kind of guy you would like to have for a neighbor.

      If BELL isn't going to fight for the office then "Why the Hell not" vote for Kinky?

      •  That very same logic ... (none)
        ... got the citizens of Minnesota a pro-wrassler, and got California two actors ...

        Kinky must be right about the state of public education in Texas, tho ...

        Some times require that you accept circumstances as they are ... claiming blamelessness just doesn't cut it

        by wystler on Wed Oct 26, 2005 at 09:36:34 AM PDT

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      •  Well his bank laundered the money (none)
        IBC Bank laundered the money for the cartel that murdered DEA Agent Camarena. Laredo politics is very corrupt and so are many of their businesses. I'm sure Mr. Sanchez didn't intentionally seek to benefit from the death of a federal agent, but his hands aren't exactly clean. I am active in local & state politics and and know for a fact that this is the reason many law enforcement organizations refused to back the Sanchez campaign. Tony Sanchez wasn't a joke but he was the wrong candidate. Kinky Friedman is a joke and people are starting to recogize this. How much more of a laughing stock do you want Texas to be? Vote Democrat. Support Chris Bell.

        "I am a Democrat without prefix, suffix or apology." - Sam Rayburn

        by sandra1113 on Wed Oct 26, 2005 at 10:04:50 AM PDT

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    •  please see my comment above (none)
      i do support Chris Bell.  that's the best way to shake up the Democratic party in Texas.  

      cuz yeah, it needs it.

    •  prayer in school (none)
      Kinky thinks there ought to be "prayer in school"
      because "every kid ought to believe in something".

      I've heard Kinky say that 2-3 times, at least one of those time when he appeared on "Imus in the morning".

      Although, its clear he doesn't have enough of a religious background to fully understand the ramifications.  As a jew, he OUGHT to be concerned about prayer in school, because if it happens, it gonna be a christian prayer.

      I like Kinky, I rather have him that the other republicans, but you've got a bona fide progressive running as the dem candidate.  A congressman who voted AGAINST the Iraq war for cryin out loud.

      Do you really want to ignore a candidate like this?

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