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View Diary: Kinky Friedman could win Texas Governor's race. Really! (152 comments)

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  •  A Kinky Diversion (4.00)
    I have nothing against novelty candidates, but who says a Dem can't be elected governor "anymore"? Just because shrub and his faithful fat sidekick Treasonboy smeared Ann Richards and beat her in that race doesn't mean Dems can't and should be competitive in Texas.

    The projected 18% added to Bell's 27% (and yeah, I know it probably wouldn't work that way) would produce a Democratic governor.  

    Not to detract from the fun, but Dean would say we should fight the good fight in every state, so I personally view Kinky's candidacy as an unwelcome distraction.

    •  Wrong. (none)
      Kinky's 18% is mostly drawn from Republicans who are alienated by their party and the stupidity of Rick Perry.

      If you look at Chris Bell's 27% that represents most of the 37% of Texas who vote Democratic. I like Chris Bell and will probably campaign and vote for him, but he won't top 40%.

      Well, okay, if Perry gets caught in a gay bar with an underage illegal immigrant then maybe Bell will get 42%. But that ain't gonna happen.

      •  it doesn't matter if Chris wins (4.00)
        the point is you've got to start somewhere.

        A strong showing by Chris Bell makes people take the Democratic Party more seriously AND it makes the entrenched Democratic leaders take the reformers more seriously.

        Richard Morrison ALMOST beat Tom Delay in 2004.  He was underfunded, unknown & a long-shot.  For that reason, NO ONE - including Delay - took him seriously.  And Democrats & Independents just decided they would ignore yet "another Delay win".

        By the time people realized Richard COULD win, there was too much inertia to move & we ran out of time.

        STILL.  Richard did a HELLUVA lot to set up Nick Lampson's win in 2006.  B/c now (& i live here) the district is buzzing, Democrats are awake & PEOPLE HONESTLY BELIEVE WE CAN WIN.

        THAT is why we have to get behind Chris.  EVEN if he doesn't win this time (& let's not throw it out considering the Strayhorn question), we HAVE to turn the party & state around & WAKE THE DEMOCRATS.

    •  COMPLETELY RIGHT (none)
      thank you.  see my comment above.

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